Rural Jharkhand : The Halted Era

by admin on Sat, 09/23/2017 - 20:52

Despite centuries of turbulence and decades of selfish political attacks, if Jharkhand still survives… the credit goes to its indigenous habitants. Their endurance, their patience ... and perhaps their forgiving nature.

Today, India proudly boasts about reaching Mars…. the capital of the state, Ranchi, is cutting the pace of modern smartness, but let's go to a remote village of Jharkhand, where, even today, the fictional picture of prehistoric time… is a reality. Here the progress has come to a standstill!

..but this has no effect on the progress of the country at large. Now, the bullet train is also coming up to accelerate the lives of certain privileged urban population.

If something has been halted for decades … it’s the pattern of miserable life in these villages.

Early in the morning…. seventy kilometers from Ranchi…  the village Patrauyur of Torpa ..

But hold on… think.. what would be the scene in lavish apartments of the cities early in the morning?

School bus is about to arrive…. A mother is busy preparing delicacies for the lunch box of her darling child!

And here ..

Deprived population .. blank eyes .. expressionless faces .. Despite all, the childhood does not quit dreaming.

But are these dreaming souls also calm and secure from inside ... .. Not at all. To know about what is going on in the interiors of these villages of Jharkhand.. Watch the sequel of this video series.

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